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Adrian Greer

A Handful of my Recent Thoughts

I'm Ready To Die

God Hates Divorce

A Bit About Me

If I had to use any one word to describe my experience growing up, that word would be ‘Lonely’. I remember all too well the feelings of hopelessness as I almost nightly questioned, “Why am I alive?” and “If I died, would anyone care or even notice?” Much of this was due to the dysfunction and brokenness within my own home, but also due to the dynamics of the city I grew up in.

At the time, my city had the highest concentration of racially motivated hate crimes in the San Gabriel Valley; tensions between minority races made even the simplest task of walking home a dangerous one. Having made more than my fair share of poor choices, I was no stranger to pain, trouble, and disappointment. As I journeyed through my early teenage years, I was determined to get out and away from this city as soon as I had the opportunity.

In my late teens God used a variety of dynamic and unusual circumstances to reveal Himself to me and highlight the value of my own life, driving me to radically commit myself to the cause of young people who walk similar paths I’ve walked. As I began to live this out, I sensed God call me to lifelong service to these teens, and gave me the heart and passion to do so within the very city I was determined to escape.

Adrian Greer

A Bit More About Me

After nearly 10 years of working for the school district, various churches, and youth organizations in Azusa, I learned skills, developed relationships, and gained much experience that led me to my next and current assignment.

In the Summer of 2013, in collaboration with teens, families, the local church, city officials, and educational institutions, I founded MYTHIRDPLACE, a For-Purpose 501(c)(3) youth mentorship organization. This has been one of the most frightening, challenging, exciting, and rewarding decisions of my life. I daily find myself in situations that stretch and force me to be reminded of my own need for support. Through MYTHIRDPLACE, my hope is that every teen who feels alone, questions their identity, and wrestles with purpose has a safe place to find the love and support they long for.

In the midst of this, I’m a father, a pastor, a speaker, a certified life coach, and an Anti-Apple/Android Device user. (And now we can add ‘blogger’ to that list.) I have experience in photography, videograpy, web and print design, and most things with a Google logo. I’m passionate about seeing others live out what they’re passionate about. Thus, if there are any ways we might collaborate to love on others, please do reach out and let me know.