If I had to use any one word to describe my childhood growing up, the word would be, “Lonely.” I grew up in a home where my father maintained an abusively oppressive environment for my mother and us kids. I desperately sought affection, attention, and affirmation from my dad, but despite my great attempts, I…

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I’m Ready To Die

Last night, I attended an event where I was privileged to share a bit about my life journey and some of the amazing ways that God is using it all to impact youth here in my community. At the end of the event, and after saying my goodbyes, I mounted my motorcycle and began my…

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Love On Purpose

“Love on purpose.” Often times, we can be guilty of perceiving Love as simply an involuntary and emotional response and not as an intentional choice. This kind of “love”, as a mere feeling, is a cheaper version of the real thing, in that at its core, it’s rooted in, “What does/can the other person do…

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God Hates Divorce

A few reflections for anyone willing to listen : “God hates divorce.” There is no exception to this truth. “What God has brought together, let no man separate.” It is God’s design for marriage to be a lifelong commitment, vow, covenant that weathers through the seasons of life. Sadly, though, far too often God’s desires…

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Live A Beautiful Life

As this Thanksgiving Holiday comes to a close, I have a few thoughts for anyone willing to listen: I LIVE A BEAUTIFUL LIFE. It’s not always easy to see how beautiful this life is, but this makes it no less beautiful. I’m not referring to a life-that’s-beautiful-because-there-are-people-whose-lives-are-worse-than-mine-and-therefore-it’s-a-relatively-beautiful-one type of life. Instead, I am asserting that…

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