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Thoughtful Thursdays – Adrian Greer

Thoughtful Thursdays

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What’s up, family? So… I feel this little nudging to start something up here soon, and I want to invite you in on it. (Yes, you.)

Here’s the deal, you might notice that there’s a whole lot of “Nuthin’ Music” that circulates the airwaves; meaning music that doesn’t seem to say or do much more than glorify ignorance and promote self-absorbtion.

This music gets pumped through our ears and into our brains and unfortunately, I believe that most of this stuff in no way raises our consciousness nor stimulates our intellect. In fact, many youngans I work with mindlessly recite lyrics to songs having no real understanding of what they are saying, or worse, simply don’t care.

I happen to be a lover of music, and I usually prefer my thoughts to be provoked, and my mind to be renewed when I listen to it. Because I recognize that there may be some who agree with me on this, there’s something I wanted to do through the summer, and it includes you. (Yes, you.)

If I may, I’d like to share one song on my page every week and invite you to take 5 or so minutes to give it a listen. And I mean, really listen… Like… Shut everything out, listen to, and actually ponder the lyrics.

Let me be upfront about a few things, though. I love the art of rap, and am a sucker for a smooth ballad. Also, I love God and whether overt or subtle, the Truths of God are usually present within songs that tend to stir me most.

I can promise that each song will be insightful and will contain an interesting perspective on life. I cannot promise that every song will be uplifting and feel-good. Some may cause you to grieve, or at least they should. I cannot promise that every song will not contain explicit content, in fact some will be highly controversial. But these songs will likely expand your heart, convict your spirit, and renew your mind.

And so, to anyone that might care even the slightest, I’ll begin the first song this week.

Stay tuned…





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